Why Should Bhutan Be Your Next Travel Destination?

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Nestled in the arms of the Eastern Himalayas, Bhutan is an amalgamation of grandeur and piety. In this era where modernisation and development are seizing almost every part of the world, Bhutan manages to retain its roots. Whether it’s their rich culture or the simplicity with which the local residents lead their lives, Bhutan is definitely a sight for sore eyes.

Amidst the regular clamour and commotion, everyone is looking for an escape from the humdrum of life. Thus, if the recent urbanisation seems to have exhausted you, head to Bhutan for some tranquillity and adventure. While a lot of Bhutan travel packages would primarily revolve around monasteries and temples, Bhutan can satiate your adventure spirit too. Here’s helping you build your ideal Bhutan itinerary so that you don’t end up missing anything this place has to offer.

Why You Won’t Be Able to Resist Bhutan?

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1. Exhilarating Treks

Whether it’s a one day hike or an exhausting 30-day escapade, Bhutan would meet your expectations in every way. Since the higher regions are not hoarded with enough resources and supplies, you will have to carry the basic essentials (food, camping equipment) all the way to the top. However, this is no setback as the people you meet along the way are generous and willing to assist in any possible way. Depending on your need and desire, you could choose the kind of trek you want to go for.

  • Bumthang Cultural Trek: This fairly easy trek requires three days to take you through some unparalleled beauty and trout-filled rivers. You would encounter plenty of ancient temples that will give you a peek into Bhutan’s culture along the way. Besides this, you can stall and rest in any of the hamlets you come across. The most suitable time to go on this trek is spring or autumn.
  • Duer Hot Springs Trek: If you are willing to put in some extensive effort and time, this nine-day trek could be one of your most challenging experiences. After numerous steep ascents and descents, this trek will reward you with some beautiful maple forests, musk deer, and hot springs, in the end.
  • Druk Path Trek: Druk Path is the most popular trek in the country as it captures the quintessential nature of Bhutan. While taking you through blue pine forests, high ridges, and immaculate lakes, this trek also acquaints you with the traditional side of Bhutan.

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2. Colourful Festivals

Bhutan’s pompous and vibrant celebrations are the cynosure of all eyes.  An ideal Bhutan package should be lined up around some festival as the energy and liveliness will lift your spirits. Here are some of the festivals that you will never regret being a part of:

  • Paro Tsechu: Most popular spring festival where monks and laymen dress up as deities and re-enact the legends and history of Buddhism in Bhutan.
  • Haa Summer Festival: Giving the visitors an insight into the lives of the nomadic herders living in the Haa Valley, this festival is a celebration of Bhutanese culture, sports and religion.

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3. Experience the Local Culture

Bhutan has a wide variety of opulent hotels and villas that promise you a comfortable stay. However, the crux of Bhutan can be truly experienced once you spend time with the local people who are willing to share their stories and tales with alacrity. A lot of Bhutan locals open their homes to tourists and travellers to show them the place in its natural environment. Mostly, Bhutanese home stays are based on the traditional concept of thuenlam that emphasizes the importance of ‘keeping good relations on account of mutual respect and reciprocity’. Thus, experience some traditional Bhutanese hospitality and devour some authentic Bhutanese food to get the most from your Bhutan travel package.

If given a chance, you should also attend a ceremonial Buddhist wedding that celebrates the union of mind, body, and soul of two people. This traditional wedding is not only an exchange of vows and rings but also a set of Buddhist rituals and norms that bind the two people together.

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4. Indulge in Some New and Adventurous Activities

It is definitely a misconception that Bhutan is only about culture, tradition, and discipline. From archery to kayaking, Bhutan has something in store for every man. For travellers seeking an unspoiled and unexplored adventure experience, you should definitely try the following:

  • Cycling: There’s no better way to experience Bhutan’s wilderness, sleepy cities, rural areas than by bike. The mountainous landscapes permit both, off-road and on-road mountain biking.
  • Kayaking and Rafting: Bhutan’s pristine waters are easy routes for beginners and blood-curdling adventures for connoisseurs of this sport.
  • Archery: This is the national sport of Bhutan and various archery competitions are held during the weekends. Visitors can witness this sport and also cheer for the participants in full swing.
  • Hot Stone Bath: This popular ritual is performed with heated rocks that are dropped into a wooden tub filled with water. Right after this, Artemesia leaves are put in the water. It is believed that the minerals released by the burning rocks cure joint pains, arthritis and stomach disorders.

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5. Spirituality and Wellness

Bhutan is a haven for people who are finding some get away from the chaos and noise. No matter where we are in life, we all feel lost and deluded sometimes. It is an invigorating experience to let yourself loose in the silence and peace of Bhutan to recommence your lives with rejuvenated spirits. There are several meditation retreats sprawled across the country that are willing to teach you the art and practice of meditation. Usually, these centers are located next to monasteries or temples so that your mind can relax and be at ease. You could also opt for yoga sessions or hot springs (tsachus) that are famous for their medicinal properties.

We have compiled a list of reasons and activities that are enough to encourage you to plan your Bhutan tour as soon as possible. If you want a personalised Bhutan tour itinerary or any other help with bookings and reservations, Offbeat Tracks will be delighted to help you in any way possible.

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