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Before you start planning your Nagaland travel itinerary for your vacation packages in India, you should read about their culture and traditions to really appreciate your visit there. We at Offbeat tracks have a Nagaland travelogue series just for you to tell you more about the wonderful people of Nagaland and their culture.

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The people of Nagaland are referred to as Naga people. Their origins go back to Indo- Mongoloid bloodlines that emerged about 10th century BC. Nagaland is a vivid green state with exquisite flora and fauna to match. The climate is cool due to its high altitude.

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16 tribes are officially recognized in the state of Nagaland who live in different villages. Each tribe has a different dialect, but they are fluent in English and have come a long way through modernization. You’ll find the most fashionable and musically educated youth there; they’re very interesting to talk to in case you have the pleasure of doing so during your trip in Nagaland.

Their cuisines mostly include steamed and boiled food. Pork and fish are delicacies for them.

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Naga tribes are warriors; they had a tradition of headhunting, where they preserved the heads of their enemies for rituals, especially fertility related rituals. Now that the practice of headhunting has been banned, the tradition is remembered through war stories of tribal elders. Loyalty and honour is cherished; everyone has a role to play, and everyone contributes to everyday life in the villages. The government helps the tribes in their efforts of preserving their culture and keeping the tribal spirit alive in Nagaland.

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Music, art and dance are the heart of the Naga culture. Every tribe has their own festival when all the members don their tribal clothes and jewellery which is dominated by the colour red. Headgears made of feathers and jewellery made of beads and boars teeth are beautiful to look at. The tribes enjoy their music and dance to the max. Pottery, weaving, wood carving and jewellery making are among the special arts of the Naga people. Their intricate detailing will make your breath catch during your vacation packages in India!

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