8 Things You Didn’t Know About Nagaland’s Hornbill Festival!

Nagaland’s biggest festival is the Hornbill Festival.  It simply gets bigger and grander every passing year.  Our Prime Minister attended the festival in the past and seemed smitten by the colours and festivities. Continuing our Nagaland Travelouge series are 8 things you didn’t know about the Hornbill Festival to help you enjoy your vacation package.

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  • The hornbill isn’t the state bird of Nagaland: Though the Hornbill isn’t the state bird of Nagaland, it holds great value to the Naga heritage. The tribes venerate the bird as it plays an important role in their art and culture.


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  • The Festival is not located at the capital, Kohima: The Hornbill festival is located 12 Km to the state capital, Kohima.

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  • It is REALLY popular: To enjoy the hornbill festival hassle-free, book your tickets well in advance. The festival is incredibly popular and has visitors from all over the country and the world during their vacation package.

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  • Alcohol trade is banned: Nagaland is a dry state and takes alcohol consumption seriously; expect special task forces waiting to check and apprehend alcohol in possession.


  • It is an Environmental Friendly Location: Plastics are banned at the Hornbill festival’s venue. This is Nagaland’s approach towards the effort of keeping their state clean and green.


  • Home to the spiciest chillies and delicious pork: Let the chillies blow your socks off with their fire! The hornbill festival has a chilli eating contest starring the spiciest chillies in the world native to Nagaland, versus contestants like soldiers and rifle officers. Another contest held is the pork eating contest.


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  • Experience Naga Wrestling: Don’t be surprised to see people throwing each other to the ground. Naga wrestling is a traditional sport. All you WWE fans are in for a treat.


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  • Heaven for English Music Lovers: Be prepared to have the time of your lives. Every year, several popular international music bands perform at the festival. There are international rock contests held, so get ready to be mind blown and plan your vacation package now!



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