Discover Meghalaya’s Natural Wonder: Laitlum Canyons

A place with untouched natural beauty and plenty of greenery provides a serene calm to our mind. All you city dwellers continuously looking for a green escape, we are here to help you. We have the perfect spot: The Laitlum Canyons, which overlooks the entire Shillong and gives you the most magnificent views.

If you’ve read our Meghalaya travel blogs, you would know what a beauty it is. Below you’ll find 5 very convincing reasons to plan your road trip to Meghalaya right now!


 1)     A Trekker’s Dream Come True

If you have been bitten by the trekking bug, this place is it for you. You will suffer not one dull moment on this particular trekking trip! Work your hamstring out only to be rewarded by one of the best views you’ll find in the country.

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2)     When Life Gets You To The Edge….Literally

Envy the Meghalyans for the spectacular view they wake up to each day. The Laitlum Canyons have rocky edges where locals have little houses to live in. They also happen to farm on the terraces. (Laitlum translates to “End of the hills”)


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3)     Get Your Head In The Clouds For Once

You’ll find yourself swimming in clouds as the Laitlum canyons are completely blanketed by a layer of clouds. Warning, it can get really cold up there!



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4)     Climb the Stairway to Heaven

There are about 3,000 stairs to climb down to the hamlet of Raslong and is the only way form the village to the market. You’ll see lots of pretty orchids and bamboo plantations on the way.




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5)     Make Some Fluffy Friends at Sprawling Meadows

What could be better than finding random fluffy animals up the canyon to greet you? Enjoy the view of cute sheep grazing and playing on the meadows. Maybe if you’re nice enough, they’ll give you the privilege of those rare furry friend selfies you love to see on Instagram!



Courtesy: The Better India



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