The Ziro valley is home to Apatani tribe, one of the most friendly and hospitable people who, essentially, are agrarian in nature. The love of North-East Indian people and the people of Apatani tribe, in particular, for music is well-known. To give an expression to this natural inclination towards music and vent their desire to have an organized event for the same, Ziro Festival was born in 2012 through the efforts of Bobby Hano and Menwhopause guitarist, Anup Kutty. Ever since its inception, the festival has drawn huge crowds from all across the country and abroad to listen, to the amazing artists and their unique expressions and renditions.

Every year at about the end of Monsoons in the month of September, Ziro Valley comes to life for 4 days to celebrate Ziro Festival of Music. Approximately 6000 travellers from every Part of India and few from abroad come to witness and enjoy the Greatest Outdoor Music Festival hosted by the Apatani Tribe of Arunachal Pradesh.

40+ artists from all over the country come to perform at the Ziro Festival of Music. The scenic drive to Ziro, the serenity of the valley, the alluring weather and the hospitality of Apatanis coupled with local food and local wine make this tour unforgettable. Campsites and after party jamming sessions add so much more to the experience.



  • Day 1 – 26th September, 2018 : Party starts at Indian Railways Train Number 15617
  • Day 2 – 27th September, 2018 : Road Trip to the magical Ziro Valley
  • Day 3 – 28th September, 2018 : Lose yourself in the vibes of Ziro festival of Music 2018
  • Day 4 – 29th September, 2018 : More Wine, More Music and Apatani Village Walk
  • Day 5 – 30th September, 2018 : Learn the Apatani Traditional Fishing Technique
  • Day 6 – 1st October, 2018 : Time to bid Goodbye to Ziro
  • Day 7 – 2nd October, 2018 : Fly back home


All accommodation is on an extra large, heat and water resistant, 3 men tent. Sleeping bag/blankets and mattresses will be provided. Special attention is given to maintenance of hygiene.


Shared Taxis will be available at the campsite. You can rent scooters from the site at Rs.1200/day.



5% GST Common Charging Stations
Unlimited Palatable Breakfast Train ticket from Guwahati to the station at Ziro
Clean and sanitised bathrooms Secure Common Room
Jamming sessions with Local Musicians Blankets/Sleeping Bags, Pillows and Mattresses.
Apatami village visit Fishing for the group
Guide All meals if possible
Air/Land Fares Lunch
Incidental Charges Tips and gratuities
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Day 1: 26th September, 2018 - Party starts at Indian Railways Train Number 15617

The train to Nagarlagun (nearest railway station to Ziro) starts at 21:20 hours and we will gather at Guwahati platform by 20:00 hours. There are going to be thousands of festival-goers in the train and it is going to be a party ride till the next morning.


Day 2: 27th September, 2018 - Epic Road Trip to the magical Ziro Valley

We board on Tata Sumos and begin the 4-5 hour drive to Ziro Valley. There are going to be numerous vehicles driving to the festival and it is going to be an exhilarating experience – full of energy. We will stop for breakfast and refreshments on the way.

On reaching Ziro, we settle ourselves at the campsite amidst the pine trees which will be our home for the next 4 days. Freshen up, take some rest. Hot, palatable lunch awaits you in the dining area.

Spend the rest of the day in the festival venue which is 900 meters from the campsite or just chill in the campsite, join the jam sessions, absorb the beauty of nature and just get high on life.


Day 3: 28th September, 2018 - Loose yourself in the vibes of Ziro festival of Music 2018

Wake up to a sizeable & mesmerising breakfast. Go to the festival ground and meet thousands of fellow travellers. Laze around in the hammocks. These 4 days are your much-awaited break from the hustle bustle of daily life, amidst nature and music.

Return to the campsite, enjoy the bonfire, cook, eat, drink, read, dance, sing, jam and enjoy the party to the fullest. You’re free of time limits and get to do as you please.


Join our Local Guide for a guided Village Walk where you get an opportunity to immerse yourself in the Apatani way of life. Apatanis are one of the sweetest community of people we have come across. Experience the village and their traditional houses, cooking techniques, culture and history over a cup of tea and be amazed by Apatani Hospitality.

Return to the festival ground or campsite and enjoy the rest of the day like you want it.


Day 5: 30th September, 2018 - Learn the Apatani Traditional Fishing Technique

Join our local guide and walk to the Paddy Fields where they farm fishes.

Agriculture and Fish farms have been the main source of livelihood for the Apatanis for ages. They have developed some incredible Ingenious methods of farming and fishing. Spend the morning Fishing with the Apatanis and bring those delicious creatures back to the campsite and assist the best man in our kitchen team over the barbecue and see him create art with food.


Day 6: 1st October, 2018 - Time to bid Goodbye to Ziro

After unlimited and delightful breakfast, we pack our bags and prepare to wrap up. Bid goodbyes to new friends and collaborations. Exchange photos and numbers and hugs and kisses.

We start the sumo ride to Naharlagun Station and board the 18:45 hours Train Number 15618 to Guwahati.


Day 7: 2nd October, 2018 - Head back home

Happy Gandhi Jayanti. It’s a National holiday today. Woohooo!!

Train Arrives at 04:30 hours in Guwahati Station. We suggest you book flights after 10 am to coverup for uncontrollable delays if any.

Until next time.

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