Place – Lamayuru, Ladakh

Category – Cultural and festivals

Duration – 12th June to 13th June 2018

Description – Celebrated for two days, Yuru Kabgyat Festival in Ladakh is an essential event for the followers of Buddhism. The festival is celebrated with great zeal and enthusiasm at the Lamayuru Monastery. The fiesta enjoys such popularity that Buddhist from worldwide and Lamas from Tibet, Japan, Korea and China head towards Leh-Ladakh to attend the festival. Natives and tourists could be seen marvelling at the masked dance performances lasting for several hours.
The breathtaking festival is incomplete without the ‘Chams’. In Cham masked dance, monks dance in circular motions, adorned with huge masks. The dance movements complement the sounds of cymbals, drums and long pipes. At the end of the festival, sacrificial offerings are made and some sacred rituals are performed.


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