The Hornbill festival, introduced by the State Government in the year 2000, is a weeklong festival to celebrate the Nagaland Statehood Day on 1st December. The festival is so named in collective reverence to the bird enshrined in the cultural ethos of the Nagas to espouse the spirit of unity in diversity. The state is a cultural mosaic of diverse multi-ethnicity sprung up by the several tribes that inhabit the State. During the festival, each community celebrates its myriad festivals revolving around the agrarian calendar. What emerged from a local heritage event has changed to an international festival and has now become a must visit and notable attraction in the travel itinerary of both domestic and international travellers.



  • Day 1: 30/11/2018:  Arrive at Dimapur and drive to Kigwema
  • Day 2: 01/12/2018: Attend the Opening Ceremony of Hornbill Festival
  • Day 3: 02/12/2018: Kohima and Khonoma Visit
  • Day 4: 03/12/2018: Attend the Hornbill Festival
  • Day 5: 04/12/2018: Kigwema village tour
  • Day 6: 05/12/2018: Drive to Dimapur and departure


  1. 5 Nights in Kigwema

– SUV or similar vehicle.



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Fly into Dimapur airport and drive up to village Kigwema. After a warm welcome by your local host family, settle down into your homestay and enjoy a home cooked Naga meal.


The Hornbill festival draws all the tribes and sub-tribes of Nagaland to the foothills below the lofty spurs of towering Mount Japfü wherin lies Naga Heritage Village, Kisama – the venue of hte Festival. It plays host to a weeklong medly of cultural performances, indigenous games, craft bazaar, music events, fashion, cycling, motor sporting, events, a kids carnival, floral galleria, food courts, film festival and a series of competitions in various activities.


Visit the capital city of Kohima and marvel at its splendid landscape the famous cathedrals, war cemetery and spend some time at the local market and watch the city go by! Spend the evening at the market purchasing exotic ingredients for your culinary tour experience by night! You must visit the Kohima Museum, The British War Cemetery, Kohima Cathedral and spend some time at the local market and watch the city go by!


At the Hornbill festival, a prominent sight at Kisama is the imposing tribal Morungs (male dormitories) that are resplendent specimens of Vernacular architecture. Every Naga community is represented in their respective Morungs. Some even accommodate the majestic log drums where male members intermittently beat the gigantic hollowed log with wooden beaters in perfect synchronization. Long before the age of modern communications, the Nagas devised indigenous methodologies of relaying messages by beating different tempos and arrangements to send out messages decipherable only to the village members. As you hear the sound reverberate throughout Kisama it hypnotically draws you in search of the source.


Learn the traditional Angami way of life, see the Morungs and local homes. Learn basket weaving and shawl weaving. Spend your afternoon walking the fields and have an exotic lunch in the fields savouring locally brewed wine.


Since all good things have an end, we part today, with cherished memories!

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