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Nagaland’s beauty tongue ties the best of people. Though most of the population has accepted western modernization, their tribal culture is still preserved. The people of Nagaland celebrate their traditions with pride! Here’s more of our Nagaland Travelogue to help you plan your tours and travels.

Learn About The Tribes of Nagaland


Tribes of Nagaland

There are 16 officially recognized tribes in Nagaland. Though the British Raj tried to stifle their cultures, the people continually have fiercely protected their traditions through the years. The tribes of Nagaland practiced headhunting which is banned now, but the elders of the tribe carry the memoirs through old specimens and war stories. The Nagas have the most diverse languages used than any ethnicity in India, but consider English their official language. Most of them are Baptist Christians by religion and the others practice Buddhism. As a part of the tours and travels packages, you are guided through various tribes and how they have managed to retain their tradition.

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 Culture of Naga Tribes

Naga tribes have the roots of warriors; they are fiercely loyal towards their tribe members. Their traditional dresses include mainly red costumes with headgears and jewellery that include the black feathers of a hornbill and wild boars teeth; shawls denote the rank of a member. The women wear beautiful weaves and handmade jewellery. You will also find a lot of tattoos that have unique stories to tell when you plan tours and travels to here. Since these tribes are predominantly patriarchal, the women assume roles to nurture. The elders and their council carry out rituals. Though most of the Naga population has adopted western clothing, they dress in their traditional tribal clothes and ornamentation during festivals. The tribal festivals are a glorious blend of music and dance.


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Art and Craft

Music, dance and art are the heart of the tribes.  Bamboo weaving, knitting and printing on fabrics, wood carving and jewellery making are the special talents of the people here, especially tribal women. The exquisite rawness of these artefacts makes them popular among tourists. Should you plan tours and travels to Nagaland, support the tribes and their effort to keep their culture thriving by buying handicrafts made by them.


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