8 Tips to Remember While Holidaying In Northeast India

Northeast India is a fresh entry into the list of destinations for offbeat tour packages. It is the uniqueness of the place that makes it even more intriguing. All information from how to go to Northeast India and climate of Northeast India to what to do and where to eat are obvious questions.

Before you plan a trip to Northeast India and explore its offerings, it is wise to know a thing or two about the region.

So, Offbeat Tracks brings to you 8 tips that you must remember while holidaying in Northeast India.

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  1. Research To Be Well Aware

To know Northeast India’s states, their culture and boundaries can sometimes be tricky. Although sounding similar in their language and way of living, each state has a diverse culture, festivals and tribes of Northeast India. You may accidently cause a fuss due to cultural differences and thus, so researching every state will be helpful on this Northeast India tour packages.


  1. Manage Time to Explore More

 Eight states, numerous landmarks and multiple districts cannot be visited in just a blink of an eye. A week won’t be sufficient for an exquisite hideaway between the mesmerising wonders of Northeast. It will be difficult to know how time zooms amidst a dozen races, multiple cultures, different ethnicities and so many landmarks. Make sure you have ample amount of time on hand to explore.

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3. Book Tickets in Advance

Being one of the most visited regions in India currently, the tickets get sold out fast and also soar high prices. This can be experienced especially during the holiday season and in winters. Chalk out a travel plan if you are visiting multiple states or cities and block your seats a couple of months prior to the date of travel to avail best packages at competitive rates.


4. Pack Clothes According to the Climate

Northeast India climate is always wavering and so you need to pack your clothes according to the changing climate. Some parts of the North-eastern region are cool, even during the summers and especially the hilly areas. Thus, you may need to carry light woollens. However, it tends to get very humid in the plains on the other hand. Study about the climatic conditions before packing your bags.

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5. Learn Local Language

While learning all the local languages that are spoken in the states may not always be possible, it most definitely proves to be an added advantage. English and Hindi are colloquially spoken in almost all parts so there won’t be many barriers. Knowing few greeting words can be helpful with pleasing the locals greatly.


6. Visit during Seasonal Festivals

It would be great to visit the states of North East when the locals celebrate festivals of Northeast India. It provides you with an opportunity to see local cultural practices first-hand. Some of the common festivals are Bihu in Assam, Hornbill festival in Nagaland, Autumn festival in Meghalaya, etc.

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7. Uncertain Mobile Connectivity

If possible, try and carry two cell phone SIM cards from different service providers. The mobile network in certain regions of the states is not always reliable. Due to the treacherous landscape of the region, receptivity is very low.


8. Interact with Locals

People in Northeast are warm and humble. Interacting with the local residents whenever and wherever you can is a great thing to do. There can be no better way to understand a place other than knowing its locals if you plan tour packages.

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