Top 5 Reasons to Visit Kaziranga Tiger Reserve

Kaziranga Tiger Reserve is on the bucket list of every wildlife enthusiast. This beautiful and vibrant reserve holds a special place in the wildlife map of India. It is blessed with a diverse range of geographical features and offers an excellent opportunity to spot rare species of migratory birds and animals like wild water buffalo, swamp deer, great one-horned rhinoceroses, tigers, elephants, etc. November to April is the best time to visit Kaziranga.


There are innumerable reasons which make Kaziranga Tiger Reservea heart-winner. Below are few of them:


Top Reasons To Visit Kaziranga Tiger Reserve


  1. To Capture Some Of The Unspoilt Treasures In Camera


Kaziranga Tiger Reserve is a wildlife photographer’s dream come true. It offers ideal background and dramatic landscapes characterised by stunning lakes, interconnecting streams, open woodlands, colourful flowers, lush grasslands and rich diversity of fauna.




Source: Creative Commons

  1. To Sight Spectacular Birds


Head for an early morning bird watching tour and spot over 478 species of local and migratory birds in their natural habitat. Some of the rare bird species found here are crimson sunbird, great hornbill, Asian barred owlet, dusky eagle-owl, black-necked stork, red-breasted parakeet, dalmatian pelican, etc.



Source: Creative Commons

3.      To Catch The Sight Of One-Horned Rhino


With over 2500 rhinos in the park, Kaziranga is a treat for eyes. You can easily spot them and learn about their habitat. You also get the opportunity to feed a rhino calf with a giant milk bottle.


Source: Ecology


4.      To Witness TheMajestic Beasts Roam In Open


Kaziranga Tiger Reserve is home to the highest density of tigers with the number crossing 118 tigers. If you have closely observed the picture of a tiger in the Indian tourism ads, it probably has been shot here.

Source: tigers-world

5.      To Experience Pretty Awesome Safaris


The best way to experience the wilderness in the Kaziranga Tiger Reserve is by taking an earlymorning jeep safari or bumpy elephant safari on uneven trails. It gives you an opportunity to spot rhinos in large grasslands, see unique birds on the high-end trees and spot tigers roam in their home.



These are few of the infinite reasons to visit Kaziranga Tiger Reserve. If you want to plan your Assam tour, contact Offbeat Tracks.

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