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Plan trip to North East

Looking for an amazing travel experience? This is the place to be! Sikkim’s beauty allures even the laziest travelers out there. It is presently meditating amidst the Himalayas waiting for your arrival. Soulful Sikkim- Plan trip to north east. 

The famous Khangchendzonga National Park (UNESCO world heritage site) is only one of the highlights. The state exhibits ineffable panoramic views that keep your camera lenses shuttering away, which is every photographer’s photo walk dream! The state also caters to the needs of adrenaline addicts and history bubs. Anything from your chai to your breakfast or lunch or dinner is now purely organic.

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As we travel over a period of time we tend to develop a tunnel vision in terms of only visiting the places popularly listed on the internet. These touristy staples are engaging, beautiful and entertaining but not exploring beyond would be unfair especially in a place like Sikkim.  Exploration here would mean unconventional stuff that would make you stray away from your travel path or stuff that people generally would over look. So here are some clues to an amazing experience in Sikkim. Soulful Sikkim- Individual Tour, Family Tour, Group Tour.


Yacon farming and Shiitake mushrooms

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The primary income of Sikkimese people is obtained from farming and tourism. The Yacon (a root vegetable that is indigenous to South America) and Shiitake mushrooms are in high demand on the global menu. These mushrooms and the Yacon grow in temperatures that are at about twenty five degrees. Small start up called the Shoten group have collaborated with farmers in Sikkim to help them with growth and sale  of  these exclusive veggies . A food enthusiast would surely plan trip to north east and make it a priority to visit these farms.


The locals


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The locals indigenously comprise of the Lepcha, Butia and the Nepali. They are simple, but culturally vibrant and warm hearted people. When spoken to casually but respectfully they are very welcoming. Soulful Sikkim- Individual Tour, Family Tour, Group Tour.


For the solo traveler

The state of Sikkim is generally safe and has quite a low crime rate. Nevertheless, if you require licensed woman taxi driver, they have an all women taxi stand right beside the Binsial petrol pump in Gangtok.

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Coloured prayer flags


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Travelling around Sikkim you will notice vibrant flags hanging around. These are flags that have prayers written on them. The Buddhists believe that when the wind blows, the positive energy from the flags spreads all around. These flags are unconventional memorabilia  to collect.


Bikers Dream


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Every bikers dream consists of themselves on their favourite bike, a good road with a lot of twists and turns accompanied by an unforgettable view that fills their souls with inexpressible joy and sublime wonder. A place that guarantees such an experience is the Zuluk pass that has 59 hairpin bends! Soulful Sikkim- Plan trip to north east. 


Nature’s own Jacuzzi


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A warm bath in a cold weather  is perfect and if one doesn’t have to pay for it, that’s even better! En route to your visit to Zero Point right before the Chumtang valley, there is a hot spring on the side of the road. Plan trip to north east and it is a nice way to relax and de-stress from all the materialistic stuff. 


Mankhim hill top


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This hill top is located near Aritar Lake (East Sikkim). People have witnessed magnificent views of the mighty Mt. Kanchenjunga and the Aritar Lake in front of it.  This hill top is not that crowded in comparison to the other places.




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The most popular places to shop are Lal market and MG market. Not many people know that the market on the way to the Tsmogo Lake has a rather large variety of things to buy that also fits your budget.


Apart from the general tourism, Sikkim is also transforming into a pilgrimage destination. There are over  two hundred monasteries that have sprouted in Sikkim. People visit these monasteries to experience and learn about the culture by merely looking at architecture. The monks of these various monasteries are friendly  and by talking to them you can learn about their way of life.

Sikkim is simple in comparison to concrete jungles, but never fails to impress and continues to keep up to its reputation of being an ineffable beauty.

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