Sightseeing Places To Visit While In Ladakh

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A compilation of Important Sightseeing Places to visit during holidays in India and while in Ladakh  is a tough task, and would necessarily fall short of encompassing all there is to experience. Ladakh is bound by the Karakoram in the north and the Great Himalayas in the south, with the Ladakh Range and the Zanskar Range running parallel. It has a great many things to offer – from the highest pass in the world, a gravity defying magnetic hill, breathtakingly pristine lakes surrounded by snow-capped mountains, monasteries on hilltops with prayer flags strung on streets, villages inhabited by Ladakhi tribes, challenging trekking trails and other adventure activities, flora and fauna indigenous to the region, and not to forget, some very amazing food.

The Zanskar and the Ladakh mountain ranges are a constant through the scenery in Ladakh, your journey being one truly among giants. The ever-changing and non-exhaustive palette of hues of brown, maroon, green, and black showcase themselves at every turn you take. Set against strikingly blue skies, these jagged ranges make for a spectacular view.

For a change in scenery, the Nubra valley is the complete opposite of what you’d expect at Ladakh. A high-altitude desert with silver sand dunes of Hunder, the desert is set against the backdrop of snow-clad mountains. It is home to double-humped Bactrian camels and Pashmina goats. The scenery is truly reminiscent of the descriptions within the tales of Arabian Nights!

There are innumerable breath taking lakes across Ladakh which are worth visiting. The Tso Moriri lake and the famous Pangong Tso – although around 9 hours away by road – are twin lakes. The former is lesser known and lesser crowded. Tso Moriri has been declared a wetland reserve and hosts a number of species of birds including the bare-headed goose, Himalayan hares, the great-crested grebe, and the Brahmin duck. The lakes are a brilliant blue, and make for a very tranquil experience when contrasted with the lush green of the grass and the impressive mountains towering around.

For the spiritually inclined or even otherwise, a visit to the many monasteries of Ladakh is a must-do during holidays in India. Among the numerous scenic locations where these gompas are situated, here are a couple that really stand out.

Nestled atop a steep hill, the Spituk Gompa is in the Leh district and is the oldest and most famous monastery in Ladakh. The architecture of the structure and the interior exudes a comforting peace and manages to instil a quiet sense of awe.

The Thikse Gompa resembles the Potala Palace in Tibet, and is one of the most picturesque in Ladakh. It houses around 500 monks and has a large collection of Buddhist books, journals, scripts, stupas, swords and Thangka paintings.

Important Sightseeing Places to visit while in Ladakh also includes natural and manmade wonders, Ladakh is also a proud achiever of some superlatives. The Khardung-la pass is the highest civilian motorable road in the world and the Leh airport is the highest in the country. The magnetic hill located about 30 kilometers from Leh towards Kargil, is a peculiar phenomenon where cars parked at the base of the hill seem to make their way atop it without any acceleration.

Keep an eye out for the extremely entertaining road signs put up by the Border Road Organisation on your way across the state too, they are educative with an appreciable sense of humor!  Make sure you do not miss any Important Sightseeing Places to visit during holidays in India.


-Vidushi Sanghadia

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