Former Facebook employee sets up experiential travel startup,

aims to promote sustainable eco-tourism

The brainchild of Vandana Vijay, Hyderabad-based Offbeat Tracks focuses on putting together trips that are off the beaten track and give travellers local experiences, be it culture, cuisine or more. 


Fill your life with adventure, not possessions; have stories to show, not things. Over the last few years, one thing has been added to bucket lists across the world: travel.

But in the past, travellers have often tainted and scarred the most beautiful places on the planet.

Keen to address this concern and also promote the concept of eco-tourism among local and rural communities in the Himalayas, Vandana Vijay, a 30-year-old former employee of Facebook, decided to start Offbeat Tracks. Her startup is an experiential travel company, focusing on sustainable travel across India. Set up in April 2016, it works with various rural communities and integrates with locals in the region. Read More



Offbeat Tracks: Making travel meaningful

Offbeat Tracks is an experiential travel company that was started in April 2016 by Vandana Vijay, who is the CEO of the company. Since we are an experiential travel company, we aim at providing our customers with local experiences of the destination they visit. We mainly do Offbeat destinations like Bhutan, Sikkim, Nagaland, Thailand, Meghalaya, Kaziranga, Ladakh and Kashmir. We being travelers ourselves, we have come to realize that travelling is more than just sightseeing, and that Offbeat travel can give us more real experiences that we can keep for a lifetime. Therefore, we wish for our customers to gain memorable and life changing experiences. click here to know more.

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A Personal Journey: How We Got Electricity, Eco-Tourism to a Remote Village in Ladakh

Eco tourism, Solar Electrification, Ladakh tourism

We have received overwhelming response for our Rural electrification project where we brought electricity to a remote village in Ladakh. This time, it was The Better India and Indian Women Blog sharing our story.


                                                                                                                    – By The Better India and Indian Women Blog




Hyderabadi on a mission to empower remote village in Ladakh with solar power

Having executed a number of trips to Leh-Ladakh successfully in the past, Offbeat Tracks founder Vandana Vijay collaborated with a group of 14 people from California to make travel with a social purpose a reality. With a sole idea of adding context to travelling, she along with her group, has been successful in solar powering 10 houses in a remote village of Ladakh.

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