Why Home Stays Are Better Than Hotels When On Offbeat Tour

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When planning a trip, one of the most important things that we need to figure out is the accommodation and should know Why home stays are better than hotels during holidays in India. There are multiple online portals on which we can surf through zillion options, select and book a hotel room that fits the bills, and we are good to go. Easy, isn’t it? But the wanderlust in us may not agree. The thrill of travelling to a new place is not confined to the room of a hotel. It is in immersing ourselves into the folklore’s, the local attractions, the ethnic cuisine and historic tales of the town. One of the best ways of experiencing this thrill and understanding a new place is through its people; and what better way of getting to know new people than living with them? So this time, let’s take the road less traveled, get off the beaten path, experience the local life and opt for a home-stay because home-stays are better than hotels!

Wondering why? Here are five of the few reasons why the homeliness of home-stays beats the guestly feels of hotels:

Easy On Pockets: While chalking out the budget for a trip, most of the money is allocated for
accommodation. And if you happen to go on a vacation during the peak seasons, hotel charges may be exorbitant, tearing a hole in your pocket. Homestay is not only an affordable alternative, they are safe, the houses are clean and the services they provide have a personal touch to it.

Authentic Food is GOLD: What’s the point of celebrating holidays in India if you don’t get to savour the local delicacies? The best part about homestay is indeed the home-cooked food. When you opt for a
homestay, you don’t have to go hunting for restaurants that serve authentic cuisines. The locals are
extremely hospitable and their delicious home-cooked meals are worth relishing. After each stay for understand why Home stays Are Better Than Hotels when on Offbeat Tour.

Locals Are The Best Guides: No one understands a place better than the people who live there. Living with the locals can give you a deeper insight into the history of their land. Stories from the past,happenings of the present; they know it all. They can guide you about the best places to visit and the things to look out for. Perhaps, they could prove to be your Wikipedia and Google Maps even in the no network zones!

Never Feel Alone: When there is no known face, in an unknown place – homestays are bliss! The best part about homestays, as opposed to hotels, is that you never feel alone. You don’t feel much far from home, as the families you live with are warm and loving. They help you in dealing with all kinds of situations. Even in case of medical emergencies, you can be assured that you’re not alone.

Help Them Help You: In most of the small towns and villages that becomes tourist attractions; the locals run homestays for the sheer joy of hospitality. This in return helps them generate income for their families. They open their doors for travelers and take great care of them for a nominal amount. By opting for a homestay, instead of a hotel, you get a chance to contribute to their income.

This famous quote by Cecelia Ahern, best describes the experience of living in a homestay: “Home isn’t a place, it’s a feeling”. It is amazing how you travel so far to a completely different place yet you feel at home. This is what makes homestays so special. After a great tour you can answer why home stays are better than hotels during holidays in India. You meet new people, make connections and by the end of your trip they become like your family!


By Namita Salgiya

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