Holiday Package for North East- Complete list of enticing places in Nagaland

holiday package for north east

There is something simply magical about north-east India. The seven sister states are the pride of our country because of their well preserved culture. These states display the rich diversity our country has to offer. In addition Nagaland is no different! It is beautiful and picturesque. Hence during your future holiday package for North East, there are several places to experience in Nagaland; Furthermore here’s a list of 5 places you cannot afford to miss visiting!

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  • The largest city of Nagaland- Dimapur  

    This district is the commercial centre and main entry point of Nagaland. Seems like History and nature lovers would love visiting the Nagaland Zoological park, Dimapur Jain Temple, Diezephe Craft Village, Sumi town Baptist Church and the Kachari Ruins.

Kachari Ruins; Courtesy: Wikipedia

Hilly capital city of Nagaland- Kohima

The capital and star attraction of Nagaland boasts impressive trekking and camping plans. Therefore you should spend a day visiting the Japfu Peak, Shilloi Lake, Dzukou Valley, the State Museum, and also the World War II Cemetery.

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‘The land of plenty’ – Wokha

A sight to behold for nature lovers and organic farm fans, this district is home to the Lotha Tribe and the perfect place for your holiday package for north east. Hence important places include Mt. Tiyi, Tehurang valley, Doyang river, Bagti valley and the Doyang hydro project.

Doyang Reservoir; Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons

The culturally beautiful place- Mokokchung

Mokokchung is the cultural and intellectual capital famous for the various tribes it homes and their culture. Music is a big part of their life, so be sure to enjoy the village’s festivities. Be mesmerized by the Changikong Range, The Langpangkong caves and the Fusen Ki and Mongzu Ki caves.

Courtesy: Tour India Details

 Place to experience the best holiday package for north east- Mon

Being situated 879.67 metres above the sea level gives Mon its fairytale quality. Therefore rich in tribal heritage, the villages Chui, Logwa and Shangnyu are very popular. Other places to enjoy are the Veda Peak and Nagnimora.

Mon is a beautiful city in Nagaland

Headhunter of Konyak Tribe, Mon; Courtesy: Greener Pastures

These were just the 5 major districts to visit in Nagaland, but be assured the entire state is worth spending a month enjoying each village.  Since people are warm; the climate is wonderful- in short perfect for your next trip!  Hence plan your Nagaland travel itinerary with us at Offbeat Tracks.

Know more about the tribes of Nagaland and its exquisite art&craft culture.


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