Top 10 Things To Do in Meghalaya
Holiday Package For Meghalaya

Planning holidays in the North East? Start with planning a trip to Meghalaya. The land of clouds as it is rightly called, opting for a holiday package for Meghalaya will prove to be the best choice.

And once you’re in this mystic land, here are the 10 things that you must do in Meghalaya.


  1. Visit the Mawlynnong Village

Earning itself the title of ‘the cleanest village in Asia’, Mawlynnong is a village that has a high literacy rate. The villagers make a living from bee-keeping and you’ll find many snails, spiders and other insects that live in a mesmerising undisturbed habitat.

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2. Trek to Laitlum Canyon

Your travel to Meghalaya is incomplete without a trekking expedition in the north east. And even if the terrain may be a bit difficult to manoeuvre, with a firm grasp of the Meghalaya travel guide and the right tools, it is a trek worth undertaking.

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  1. Walking Over the Double Decker Living Root Bridge

Meghalaya is known for the naturally formed unique structures. And the Double Decker Living Root Bridge is most definitely nature’s wonder. With 2000 slippery steps and the moss covered stairs, the journey to the bridge is a tumultuous one so make sure you undertake this one during your holiday package for Meghalaya.

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  1. Unwind at the Lalong Park

The Lalong Park lets you relax and unwind with overwhelming views on your travel to Meghalaya. The view of the valley and the Myndtu River works as a tonic for tired eyes. Leisurely activities like taking a stroll or fishing can be done while taking in the natural lush landscape of Meghalaya.

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  1. Overlook Bangladesh

The Umngot or Dawki River is where you can view the Bangladesh border from. Boating in the river’s water will make you feel as if you’re floating on water. You will be able to see the sand smugglers and marine life right down to the river bed.

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  1. Kayaking in Lake Umiam

Go kayaking in Umiam Lake’s emerald green serene waters. The other adventure sports you can opt for are water cycling, scooting and boating. You can also witness the local Khasi village life in Umiuh Village while the villagers let you pet their lambs over a cup of tea.

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7. Peek into North-India’s history at the Don Bosco Centre for Indigenous Culture

The Don Bosco Centre for Indigenous Culture is a comprehensive source of the life and history in the north east. The museum focuses on local indigenous culture and people with clothing, tools and artefacts on display.

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  1. Spend a spiritual evening at the All Saints Church

When in season, an alluring setting of poinsettias mark the entrance of the All Saints Church. In the evenings, the stretch of the land in the premises is certainly worth a walk. The altar and the woodwork have been done up very tastefully.

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  1. Take a Walk in the Mawsmai Cave

In Meghalaya, the Mawsmai cave has a bit of a reputation among travellers. The place is eerily dark and has narrow cramped paths entwined with each other having only one entry and exit point. The glorious stalactite and stalagmite formations and the thrill of adventure is what makes this cave a must visit during your holiday package for Meghalaya.

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10. Behold the Breath Taking Nohkalikai Waterfalls

The Nohkalikai Waterfalls are the highest waterfalls in India. A green coloured plunge pool forms beneath the falls. This place is shrouded in clouds and you’d be lucky to catch a glimpse of it as they pass through you. We recommend you to try the sweet pineapples available at stalls here.

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Meghalaya is a hotspot of natural and cultural wonders that exist in perfect harmony with the constructive human efforts. Offbeat Tracks brings to you the best packages for a budget trip to Meghalaya. Book now!


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