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The state of Assam represents a section of the diverse cuisines India has to offer. Their dishes have a different soul and non vegetarian eaters are in for an absolute treat during their Assam tour. Here are 5 mouth watering dishes from the Assamese cuisine nobody can resist!



1)     Khar: Meat lovers, Rejoice! Khar is a gem of a dish, unique in its flavours. The main ingredient being the non-vegetarian ingredient. The curry uses taro, raw papaya and other spices that are filtered using a banana leaf to give the dish a clean and earthy taste.  








2)     Duck Meat Curry: Duck meat is a delicacy in Assam. It is prepared for special occasions, so be sure to grab a plate of this mouth watering curry with rice. The speciality of this dish is the use of whole spices and ash gourd, thought the vegetables can be added as per a person’s taste.

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3)     Maasor Tenga: People who love meat and sour curries ware in for a treat with this one. The fish is slow-cooked in all ingredients sour; a tomato broth to give it the tanginess, outenga (elephant ear fruit) and lemons. The fish is cooked to perfection and melts in your mouth.







4)     Ou Khatta: A sour chutney used as an accompaniment to meals, Ou khatta is sure to tickle your senses with its delicious mixture of sweet and sour. Ou (Elephant’s apple fruit) is boiled and mashed to be sautéed with mustard and oil. Then jiggery is added to the mix and is served with your lunch and dinner. Mention this to your Assamese friends and watch their mouths water nostalgically.


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5)     Eri Polu: Though this crunchy dish might not appease everyone, food adventurers must try it at least once in their Assam travel days! Silkworm pupas are an exotic speciality in Assam and several people love the dish. The pupas (after silk extraction) are fried to a crisp with spices.







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