Experiences in Bhutan

Yoga Session in Bhutan

Practice Yoga midst the silence of Bhutan's green landscape!

Buddhist Astrology in Bhutan

See your future with an astrology expert.

Visit to the local Beer Brewery in Bhutan

Experience the beer brewing process in Bhutan!

Bhutanese Cultural Dance Performance

Be a part of the dancing culture of Bhutan.

Archery Lessons

Learn the art of Archery in Bhutan.

Meditation with a Monk

Find your peace with a meditation session in Bhutan.

Hot stone bath

Revive your energy with this magical dip in Bhutanese waters!

Organic Farm visit and Making of Ema Datsi

Experience the life of the farmers and also learn to make Ema Datshi.

Tradition Bhutanese Meal with local family

Cook a local Bhutanese dish with a local family1

Experiences in Ladakh

Ladakhi Culinary Tour

Taste the authentic cuisine of Ladakh!

The Ladakh Festival(25th to 28th September)

Experience one of the most celebrated festival of Ladakh!

Phyang Tsedup Festival(11th and 12th July)

Witness the extravagant culture of Ladakh an amazing festival!

Hemis Festival(23rd and 24th June)

Experience the beauty of a traditional Ladakhi Festival!

Sindhu Darshan Festival(12th to 14th June)

Witness one of the most cultural festivals of Ladakh!

Yuru Kabgyat Festival(12th and 13th June)

Be a part of one of the famous festivals in Ladakh!

Biking in Ladakh

Bike through the ups and downs of these curvy mountains.

Village experience in Ladakh

Experience traditional village life in Ladakh.

Experiences in Assam

Trip to Majuli Islands

Witness the beauty of the beautiful island of Majuli!

Kaziranga Safaris

Take the Adventurous Jeep and Elephant Safari into the Kaziranga National Park!

Dinner at Brahmaputra River Cruise

Go for a romantic candle light dinner at the stunning Brahmaputra River Cruise!

Experiences in Nagaland

Dzukou valley trek

Take an adventurous trek to the beautiful Dzukou Valley

Visit to Dizephe crafts village

Visit the stunning Dizephe Crafts village of Dimapur!

Explore Naga Cuisine

Dig into the delicious delicacies of Nagaland!

Traditional Basket and Shawl Weaving in Nagaland

Learn the traditional art of basket and shawl weaving in Nagaland!

Visit to the traditional Angami village

Experience the Angami way of life in Nagaland!

Experiences in Meghalaya

Double Decker Trek in Meghalaya

Take an adventurous trek across the Double Decker Roots Bridge in Cherrapunjee!

Boating in Dawki

Experience Boating in the Beautiful Dawki River!

Caving in Meghalaya

Venture into the rustic caves of Cherrapunjee!

Experiences in Sikkim

Local Beer Brewing in Sikkim

Witness the brewing process of this popular local alcohol, 'Tongba'.

Village Experience in Sikkim

Witness the village life in Sikkim!

Experiences in Kashmir

Kashmir Culinary Tour

Dig into delicious delicacies of Kashmir!

What is life without experiences? And when those experiences include food tours around the lip-smacking cuisines of Ladakh and Sikkim and an adventurous ride into the Kaziranga National Park, how can one possibly say no? Our unique tours based on experiential travel take you on a ride of cultural immersion through authentic and local activities and promise you a unforgettable time. Our experiences in Bhutan include brewing local beer and meditating with a monk while Ladakh brings you a tour of the Kashmir Cuisine and the traditional Hemis festival. In Assam, we offer trips to the Majuli Islands and  Safaris in the Kaziranga National Park along with dinner on a Cruise through the mighty Brahmaputra. Our other destinations in north east India, including Meghalaya, Nagaland and Sikkim bring in experiences of trekking through the root bridges and boating. All our destinations come with village visit tours and traditional cultural activities and promise you offbeat travelling.