Regional Delicious Eateries To Try In Sikkim, India.

The culinary influences on the state of Sikkim are immense, as would naturally be the consequence of being bordered by Bhutan, Nepal and China. Regional delicious eateries to try during trip to Sikkim, India. Since it is also a major tourist attraction for people from India and all over the world, the eateries across the state and especially in the capital, Gangtok, cater to as many different palettes. MG Marg in Gangtok is a huge market area where cars are cordoned off the roads, emptying the streets for people to walk around freely. In addition to a host of places catering to insatiable shopping urges, it also indulges the always-hungry with its many cafes and restaurants.

Baker’s Café at MG Marg is made cozy with the smell of freshly baked bread, ground coffee beans and the sweet smell of desserts, which blends perfectly with the warm wooden interiors. They serve one of the best pizzas in town. Head over for pancakes, even hummus, and all-day breakfasts.Crumbs n Whips at Jorethang Road would also help in satisfying similar pizza-burger-pasta cravings.

Bakers Café; Source: Crazy Masala Food

For some spice-infused food to burn your mouth and set your insides on pleasant fire, try themodestly-sized Bhutanese outlet, Dekid, on Tibet Road. Red rice with either meat-based shakam curry or cheese-based mid-spicy datshi dishes with potato, beef, pork or chillies and a bowl of soup go a long way in calming the hangry.

Dynasty on Kazi Road serves some of the most authentic Chinese and passable Thai food as well. The peking duck with rice has been among the most recommended from this place. Regional delicious eateries to try during trip to Sikkim, India.

To savour some Tibetan food, head over to Gangtalk, which is also on MG Marg. Drop in to fill up on momos – steamed or fried, stuffed with vegetables or minced meat. Taste of Tibet too, is highly recommended for authentic Tibetan and Sikkimese food. Hostess Pema of Mama’s Kitchen serves home-cooked food that she herself prepares, but since preparation would understandably take time, pre-ordering is recommended. For a similar personalised experience, visit Enchey, a tiny monk-run outlet which serves simple and light home-cooked food.

Gangtalk; Source: Crazy Masala Food

To sample authentic Korean cuisine with live table barbecues, there’s no better place to be than at Mu Kimchi, at Namnang Road. It is Sikkim’s first authentic Korean restaurant which has taken the extra step to provide the wholesome experience, with minimalist décor, and delicious and healthy meals. Regional delicious eateries to try during trip to Sikkim, India.

Mu Kimchi; Source: Electic Northeast

Hamro Bhansar Ghar at MG Marg is the place to go to for Nepali Thalis, and options include chicken, mutton, fish or vegetarian. For vegetarian Indian food which is mostly Punjabi, try out Masala. 

-Vidushi Sanghadia

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March 8, 2018
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