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The International Cherry Blossom Festival is all about nature and its magic that must be witnessed at least once in a lifetime. It lures thousands of people to fly to a land that is seven seas away. With every passing year, the festival is gaining more and more prominence in the United States and Japan pursuit of Sakura, as they’re known in the Asian countries. Sakura is nothing but gorgeous cherry blossoms when the cherry trees bloom charmingly. The cherry blossom season in America and Japan and the craze of seeing the pink and white flowers is arguably the most sought-after times to plan a visit to those countries but a good news for us Indians is that we no longer have to look outward to enjoy the sight of those beautiful flowers. Our country’s very own Meghalaya is prepping up to host its own Cherry Blossom festival in the month of November with people preparing to plan tour to Meghalaya.

In Shillong, winter plummets like flamingos with wings of fire on cherry trees. Pink cherry blossoms guzzles the town and changes the entire mood. So cancel all your other plans for November and plan a tour to Shillong, Meghalaya.

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The Himalayan cherry blossoms are a real sight to behold and they grow wild in the Khasi Hills. You no longer have to travel to any other country to swim through a sea of these beauties. Offbeat Travel lists down every minute detail you need to know about this majestic festival and about planning your tour to Meghalaya.

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History of the Annual Cherry Blossom Festival

Millions of visitors from all parts of the world travel to attend and experience the beauty of this festival. In Washington DC, it is estimated that the festival alone typically earns a revenue of $400 million and lures more than 1.5 million visitors.

Realising this, the authoritative bodies highlighted the importance of cherry blossom and wanted to promote socio-economic development in Northeast India through eco-tourism. An institute called IBSD under the Department of Biotechnology undertook the initiative in association with the Meghalaya government and organised a major cherry blossom festival in 2015. Since these trees take roughly two to three years to grow, the festival is happening for the second time this year.

The State has undertaken an initiative of planting cherry blossom trees along Mawphlang, New Shillong and Ward’s Lake and already a large number of cherry blossom trees are ready to be gazed upon in these areas.

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When and Where is The Annual Cherry Blossom Festival Being Held?

The India International Cherry Blossom festival is yet another reason for drawing visitors and tourists to the North-eastern region of India. The festival will be put up around Shillong’s picturesque and beautiful Ward Lake, where Meghalaya’s Khasi Hills will be awash with cherry blossoms.

It is being touted as the world’s only Autumn Cherry Blossom Festival and will be held from November 8th to November 11th this year. And from the looks of the last times celebrations, it’s certainly going to be glorious this year.

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Promotion of Eco-Tourism

The government of Meghalaya has planted thousands of sapling of the cherry blossom trees. They are lined up inside beautiful bamboo tree guards for protection. The idea of celebrating this festival is also to encourage people to love and give back to nature what it deserves, i.e., love and care. During the festival, the whole town looks like a white and pink paradise.

The blossom lasts for a maximum of a week to 10 days. But the population it pulls to be a part of the festivity is huge. The cherry blossom festivals that are organised worldwide have generated massive revenues and employment opportunities for the cities and countries it is held in.

Apart from Meghalaya, many other states in the Northeast such as Manipur, Mizoram and Sikkim have come forward to plant cherry blossom trees on a large scale.

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What Happens at The Annual Cherry Blossom Festival?

The event is known for the regions natural beauty and Shillong boasts of a number of alluring waterfalls too.

The entire state becomes a live stage for music, dance and other performances. The festival features a number of events such as guided night walk beneath illuminated cherry blossoms, a fashion show, live music gigs, and a variety of stalls showcasing region’s cuisine, art and craft and wine.

Rock concert, unplugged western music, traditional folk music, dance performances from all over the northern parts of India, choir performances, bicycle rallies, photography competitions, storytelling sessions of the world and local folktales are all the other attractions for the visitors during tour to Meghalaya.

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What is it that is not making you jump off your bed and pack your bags already? With Offbeat Travel, plan a tour to Meghalaya this November and celebrate the flowering at the second edition of India International Cherry Blossom Festival.

Be a part of the flock of visitors that are travelling from all across the world to visit Shillong. Plan and book your Meghalaya travel package now and set off to the Ward’s Lake and have a glimpse of this nature’s beauty.

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