Check Out Some Rare and Endangered Species of Assam

Assam is well known for its rich biodiversity. A lot of wildlife enthusiast flock here to witness the wildlife of Assam. However, the sad part is, some of the species here are critically endangered, threatened and some are even extinct. If nothing is done for their conservation, we fear that our future generations may not be able to ever see them. While we hope, some serious steps are taken to conserve them, we have listed some rare and endangered wild animals found exclusively in Assam.


  1. One Horned Rhino:The Greater One-horned Rhino is under continuous threat of extinction. They are hunted for their mythical medicinal properties and their horns are used in ornamental carvings. With their population depleted to just 3500, they are a must-see on your Assam tourism.


Best Place to see them –Assam’s popular tourist spotKazirangaNational Park



  1. Hoolock Gibbon: Mainly found in Assam, this species is truly the champion gymnast of the forest. A sight of them hanging and jumping from tree to tree at great heights of the forest canopy is a heavenly experience for any nature lover. The major threat to the survival of the species includes hunting for food and loss of habitat.


Best Place to see them – Hoollongapar Gibbon Sanctuary



Source:Hoolock Gibbon Call


  1. Bengal Tigers:Despite being a common species, there are just 2,000 Bengal tigersleft in the wild. Bengal tigers are considered to be an endangered speciesdue to hunting by human poachers and habitat loss caused by deforestation.


Best Place to see them – Manas National Park


  1. White-winged Wood Duck:You can spot them in stagnant or slow-flowing water sources in the evergreen,deciduous or swamp forests. They are in a state of peril due to forest clearances, hunting and pollution.


Best Place to see them-Nameri National Park, Assam



Source:Simon Didmon


  1. Slender-billed Vulture:Out of the seven species of vultures, this speciesis soon depleting due to the use of drug diclofenac in treat domestic livestock.


Best Place to see them –Kaziranga National Park, Assam



While plan your Assam itinerary, make sure you see these rare and endangered species. Contact Offbeat tracks for booking your Assam tourism package.

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