There is something simply magical about north-east India. The seven sister states are the pride of our country because of their well preserved culture. These states display the rich diversity our country has to offer.Nagaland is no different! It is beautiful and picturesque. For your futuretravel in Nagaland, there are several places to experience; here’s a list of 5 places

The nightlife of the North-eastern state of Meghalaya has a different character, absolutely unique to itself.As the sun goes down, Shillong wakes up to a vibrant and colourfulnightlife luring passionate entertainment seekers and tourists from far and wide. On your tour to Shillong, Meghalaya, be ready to get hypnotized with the happening and electrifying nightlife at these popular nightclubs. Source: lovindublin  

Assam is well known for its rich biodiversity. A lot of wildlife enthusiast flock here to witness the wildlife of Assam. However, the sad part is, some of the species here are critically endangered, threatened and some are even extinct. If nothing is done for their conservation, we fear that our future generations may not be able to ever see

From devouring local delicacies and witnessing natural vistas to interacting with warm and welcoming locals, the travel experiences that you get to behold on a trip to Northeast India are magical. It is a place that boasts of beauty and where nature flourishes with all its glory.   A Northeast India adventure tour is on everyone’s bucket list. And Offbeat

Meghalaya has its fair share of festivals just like the other North-Eastern states. And just like the rest of the states, Meghalaya’s festivals are absolutely stunning. Plan a trip to Meghalaya and give yourself a visual treat and the best travel experience of your lives! Here’s a list of 7 festivals from our Meghalaya travel guide: