Source: For an independent intrepid traveller, a cycling tour is one of the most exciting tasks. Exploring the world on two wheels and replacing the deluxe travel experience with tents and wilderness is a different kind of adrenaline rush in itself. Long-distance cycle tours have become really popular among travellers who are looking for affordable yet challenging options. A

Source: andBeyond Nestled in the arms of the Eastern Himalayas, Bhutan is an amalgamation of grandeur and piety. In this era where modernisation and development are seizing almost every part of the world, Bhutan manages to retain its roots. Whether it’s their rich culture or the simplicity with which the local residents lead their lives, Bhutan is definitely a sight

Image Source:Indian Photo Tours We all have on many occasions come across this saying, ‘The more, the merrier’. Group tours are all about proving this right. There is something about travelling in a group which increases the fun and excitement levels by manifolds as compared to a solo trip. Of course, by this, we don’t intend to undermine the solo

Source: Club7 Holidays The rugged mountainous landscapes of Ladakh are simply astounding. They have always been a favorite destination of people all across the country. Ladakh trip promises a wonderful mix of adventure, scenic beauty, culture and an overwhelming feeling of wonderment. The picturesque backdrop of this place has even managed to capture the interest of many filmmakers.  After all,

  Image Courtesy: Incredible North East India The great land of India is home to varied landscape, natural beauty, culture and heritage. While some of the places are popular among travel enthusiasts, other places still lie hidden and unexplored. One such magical place is the north-east that lies nestled in the beauty of unhampered nature. There is so much to

Source: Bhutan is a quaint little land locked away in the laps of the mighty Himalayas. It is the only country in the world that measures its prosperity on an index of Gross National Happiness. This makes it a perfect destination to visit if you are someone who is in pursuit of happiness. Springtime is considered as the best

(Image Courtesy: Club7 Holidays) The very thought of Ladakh brings to mind rustic mountainous terrains and cold dessert that feels like another dimension altogether. The beauty of this place is extraordinarily unique, it mesmerizes but also fascinates. Ladakh trip also gives one a sense of adventure which is unlike any other. More and more people are getting pulled towards this

Source: Travel Triangle If you and your friends have been itching to stretch your wings out and take that long awaited vacation, Bhutan is the place for you. The last Himalayan kingdom is shrouded in mystery and magic. It is the most eco-friendly place in the world with about 72 percent forest cover, helping it become the only carbon negative

  (Image Courtesy: Campaign) The whole definition of traveling has started to change in the present times. People have grown weary of the regular way of seeing new places and wish to experience something which is different. This has given rise to unique travel packages which is an entirely new way of exploring a place. You know you are heading

Source: Youtube The magnificence of north-east India is a secret to no one. Primarily comprising of seven sister states, each one has its own charm to add to the country. Nagaland is one of the top picks of most of the travellers, owing to its mysticism and aesthetic simplicity. From their quaint sartorial sense to their vibrant festivals, Nagaland is