9 best tourist destinations in Assam that would make you go wow!

The seven states that form North East India have sundry places waiting to be walked on and explored. It is indubitable that each one of these states has some unique and distinct appeal to add to the country. Wrapped in myriad hues of culture and tradition, Assam is recognized as the most charming state in North East India. To begin with, Assam’s exotic wildlife and magnificent tea estates are the primary reasons to venture into this alluring land. However, the satras, floating islands, delectable cuisine and traditional houses make this place irresistible. Hence, here are a few places that should definitely find a place in your holiday package for Assam.

The task of planning is reduced to a great extent if you can narrow down the purpose of the visit and the places you would like to include in your holiday package. It is practically impossible to see every nook and corner of Assam during your short visit.

Top Tourist Destinations That Should Be a Part of Your Holiday Package for Assam

  1. Guwahati

Situated on the banks of the Brahmaputra River, Guwahati is a rapidly growing city in India and one of the top tourist destinations in Assam. With its ancient temples, wildlife sanctuaries and scenic beauty, Assam is an ideal tourist destination for backpackers, families, honeymooners and more.

An aerial view of Guwahati at dusk / Source Image: Commons.wikimedia

A lot of people flock to Assam to catch a glimpse of the one-horned Rhinoceros. The Kaziranga National Park has protected and preserved the area very well to make it a splendid visual treat for every tourist.

Places of Interest: Kamakhya Temple, Guwahati Planetarium, Brahmaputra River Cruise, Nehru Park

Ideal Visit Time: 1 night, 2 days

Major Attractions: Authentic Assam Silk (Muga/Eri and Endi) in Sualkuchi, Kamakhya temple at the time of Ambubachi festival.

  1. Mayong

Located 40 km from Guwahati, Mayong in the Marigao district could add a mystical element to your trip to Assam. If the obscure piques your interest and curiosity, head to this ‘black magic capital of India’ to see the home of black magic saints and witches.

Mayong Village / Source: NewsGram

This place has garnered its name and fame because of the rumours of people turning into animals or disappearing into thin air. There has been sufficient evidence to show that human sacrifices were performed here till the modern period. So when you opt for a holiday package for Assam, opt for this destination for its wildlife and adventure activities.

Places of Interest: Mayong Central Museum, Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary

Ideal Visit Time: 1 day

Major Attractions: Archaeological relics, River sports/Trekking

  1. Tezpur

Addressed as the ‘City of Eternal Romance’, Tezpur is an extravagant treat for nature lovers. With the numerous tea estates and the Brahmaputra River flowing through the city, Tezpur sees a large number of tourists every year.

Source: Tour My India

It is also recognized as the cultural hub of Assam owing to its theatres, traditional dances and cultural events. The beautiful island park, Padam Pukhuri located in the vicinity of Bamuni Hills is famous for its distinct lotuses and attracts locals and tourists at all times.

Places of Interest: Hazara Pukhuri, Agnigarh, Cole Park, Mahabhairab Temple

Ideal Visit Time: 1 night, 2 days

Major Attractions: Nameri National Park, Traditional handicrafts, and bell-metal utensils

  1. Jorhat

Jorhat is a mosaic of history, culture and nature.  This place is also called as the ‘Tea Capital of India’ because of the largest tea research station located here.

Source: Travel planet

After you are done learning everything you need to know about tea, you could head to the Majuli islands-India’s largest riverine island. You can either spend time in the homestays and learn about the local culture or visit the Satras to calm your soul and body on your holiday package for Assam.

Places of Interest: Kakochang Waterfalls, Sukapha Samannay, Gibbon Wildlife Sanctuary, Tocklai Tea Research Center

Ideal Visit Time: 2 nights, 3 days

Major Attractions: Jorhat Gymkhana Club, Mekhla chadar, Traditional handloom items (silk items of Muga, Pat, Endi)

  1. Sivasagar

The literal translation of ‘The Ocean of Lord Shiva’, Sivasagar is a popular tourist attraction in Assam. Located in the upper ranges, this place is a must visit for history lovers to see some Ahom monuments and exquisite palaces.

Source: HolidayIQ

You should definitely include the Sivasagar Sivadol Temple (which gave the town its name) in your Holiday package for Assam to learn about the Assamese tradition and customs.

Places of Interest: Gaurisagar Tank, Ahom Museum, Talatal Ghar, Gargaon Palace

Ideal Visit Time: 1 day

Major attractions: Temples during the festival of Shivratri; Pani Dihing Wildlife Sanctuary

  1. Haflong

The only hill station in Assam is embellished with rich wildlife, rolling hills, a sparkling lake and tranquil ambience.

Source: HolidayIQ

The major tourist attraction here is the Haflong hill which is a delight for people who love taking walks or going for picnics amidst nature while enjoying a great view of the surrounding valleys. Jatinga, near Haflong, is known for bird suicides as all the birds flying to this place are prey to the hunters. If you’re looking to ogle at some beautiful landscape and scenery and lose yourself in the peace, you should definitely visit Haflong on your Holiday package for Assam.

Places of Interest: Jatinga, Maibong, Silchar

Ideal Visit Time: 2 nights, 3 days

Major attractions: Watersports in Halflong Lake; Beautifully crafted Bhuvaneshwar Temple

  1. Digboi

Referred to as the ‘Oil City’, the country’s first ever oil refinery was established in Digboi. However, the place is not all about oil. There are several tourist destinations that are worth a visit here.


If you feel like going back in time and revisiting India’s past, this place has an impeccable Golf Course that hosts a number of tournaments. The war cemetery located here is a brutal reminder of the past and the effects of war.

Places of Interest: Ridge Point, Bura-Chapori Wildlife Sanctuary, Digboi Centenary Park

Ideal Visit Time: Less than a day

Major Attractions: Tea gardens in Margherita; Bird watching at Dibru Saikhowa Wildlife Sanctuary

  1. Diphu

If you’re looking for some solace amidst the lush greenery, don’t forget to include Diphu in your holiday package.

Source: Shikar Travels

Apart from all this, when you’re eager to kill that travel bug, you could head to Singhason which is at an altitude of 1600 metres.  It is the highest peak in the district and you could trek to the top to see them.

Places of Interest: Taralangso Cultural Center, District Museum, Botanical Garden

Ideal Visit Time: 1 day

Major Attractions: Arboretum for some local vegetation, Umwang for golf and horse-riding

  1. Hajo

Sacred to Hindu, Muslim, and Buddhist, Hajo embraces all kinds of people who are seeking spiritual enlightenment. Hajo is believed to be the place where Lord Buddha attained Parinirvana.

Source: Online Temple.org


If this were not enough, this place also houses the Powa Mecca which is made by the soil used in making the mosque in Mecca.

Places of Interest: Kedareshwar Temple, Dhoparguri Satra, Ganesha temple

Ideal Visit Time: Less than a day

Major Attractions: Hindu shrines on Manikuta Hill; Bell metal items from Sarthebari

We hope that the aforementioned list takes you through the best of Assam and makes you witness this splendid state in its true colours. Check out our Holiday Packages for Assam here!

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