7 Best Travel Experiences in Northeast India

From devouring local delicacies and witnessing natural vistas to interacting with warm and welcoming locals, the travel experiences that you get to behold on a trip to Northeast India are magical. It is a place that boasts of beauty and where nature flourishes with all its glory.


A trip to Northeast India is on everyone’s bucket list. And Offbeat Tracks lists down 7 best travel experiences in this least explored, mystical and arguably the most beautiful region of India.


  1. Assam and the Kaziranga Elephant Safari


The elephant safari is a ride to remember. A visit to the Kaziranga National Park must be on your Northeast India itinerary. A UNESCO World Heritage Site and home to a high density of the great one-horned rhinoceroses, it also houses tigers, several species of rare birds and elephants. This National Park offers fantastic safari opportunities.




  1. Meghalaya and the Cherrapunjee Living Root Bridges’ Trek

If you wish for an adventure amidst the beauty of nature, then plan a trip to Meghalaya. Cherrapunjee once had the distinction of being the wettest place on the planet. The record for receiving the highest rainfall still lies with it. Indulge in a 4 km trail trek at this place where the lushness all around is simply a sight to admire.





  1. Nagaland and its Hornbill Festival

This small state in Northeast India is famous for the Hornbill Festival. Being held every year, this festival showcases the lifestyle and culture of the Naga Tribes. This week-long festival witnessed sports events, food fairs, ceremonies and traditional crafts exhibition and sale stalls. The festival increases tourism in Nagaland and pulls visitors from all over the world to witness its celebrations.



4. Arunachal Pradesh and the Jeep Safari


Arunachal Pradesh is known as the Land of Animists. It is the region that is popular as one of the most scenic states of India. Opt for a jeep safari that will take you through some of the top Northeast India attractions, which includes visits to the Ziro, Daporijo, Pasighatand Anini among many others. Make sure to get an Inner Line Permit from an Arunachal Pradesh government office beforehand.





5. Manipur and the Floating Lake

One of the best places to see in Manipuris the beautiful freshwater lake. You must visit to believe that it is perhaps a ‘floating lake’. The lake is India’s largest freshwater floating lake and is famous for phumdis floating all over the lake. Dense forests, enchanting lakes, sprawling grasslands and the rich culture is what makes your journey to Manipur memorable.




6. Mizoram and the Blue Mountains


The deep valleys, pleasant weather, exotic culture and the rare natural fauna and flora of Mizoram leaves one enthralled. Phawngpui Peak is Mizoram’s highest peak and is considered to be the abode of Gods. The view from atop is enchanting and the blue-hazed hills area surreal sight. Colourful flowers cover the areas all around. The scarlet sky at sunset is mesmerising.



7. Tripura and Unakoti in Agartala

Tripura is home to a diverse mix of religious groups and tribal cultures. Endowed with a rich variety of tourist attractions, Tripura offers vast potential for growth of Tourism. The sight of huge rock-cut stone idols on the Unakoti hills leaves one bewitched. It dates back to the 7th century and its existence is still a mystery.








From the fun-filled activities to the captivity of Northeast India’s tourist places, there are innumerable experiences that you can simply not afford to miss out. Book your trip to Northeast India now!


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