5 Dishes of Meghalaya for a Gastronomic Adventure

North-Eastern cuisine is not discussed as much as the other Indian varieties of food culture. They add so many rich flavours to the unique flavour of India. Today in our Meghalaya travel blog, we are going to take a look at 7 Meghalayan dishes to add to every gastronomic adventurer’s list! Whenever you plan your travel to Meghalaya, be sure you try these.



1)     Jadoh:Jadoh is a popular dish in the Khasi community. The ingredients include special red rice cooked with a generous serving of pork, chicken or fish. Spices such as peppet, green chillies, turmeric, ginger, bay leaves and onions give it a flavour packed punch. The colours give the dish a very appealing look.


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2)     Doh-Khleh:Doh–khleh is a healthy salad made up of pork mince, onions and chillies. Some places add a fusion of Mexican; another version includes a gravy made of pig brains and bread.


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3)     Nakham Bitchi: Nakam Bitchi is a popular dish served before meals to guests. It acts as a palate cleanser. Nakham is a special type offish which is dried in the sun or using firewood. It is later boiled to make a thick soup and is garnished with spicy chillies and pepper.


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4)     Pumaloi: This dish uses powdered rice, which is steamed to make a cake. Precisely cooked, Pumaloi is a festive favourite among the other rice dishes of Meghalaya.


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5)     Kyat: Kyat is a must have party drink. It is a beer prepared out of fermented rice and has a very unique flavour. Kyat is boiled with water and garnished with locally available ingredients.


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