5 Assam Tea Gardens You Should Not Miss

Assam is a green paradise and a tea lover’s path to nirvana. Darjeeling and Assam are the two most popular Indian states renowned for their fine tea production. Assam being a mountainous region with lush greenery attracts a lot of tourist attention throughout the year. Of all the Assam tourist spots, today we will tell you about the famous tea gardens and estates.

If you go on an Assam tour, make sure to visit 5 of the most popular tea gardens.




1)     Mangalam Tea Estate:

Mangalam tea estate is known to produce the finest orthodox tea and Assam CTC. Walk among the lush landscape and have a picnic with your friends! Their bush pattern plantation is too pretty to look at.







2)     Manjushree Tea Garden:

Manjushree tea garden is yet another huge tea garden encompassed by nature. The credit of reintroducing orthodox teas to upper Assam is given to this particular plantation. You could taste their samples of various blends and experience the tea heaven it is! Be sure to try their tippy teas and orthodox black blends.





3)     Meleng Tea Estate:

The tea estate is names after the river Meleng. Awarded twice by the Tea Board for the best quality tea production, the Meleng tea estate is one of the oldest plantations in the region. Visit the tea estate to observe how the tea leaves are plucked by Assamese workers with baskets on their backs.


Jayashree Tea


4)     Tata Tea Gardens:                    

Know where your cuppa tea comes from! Tata group has a large number of gardens in the state of Assam, where tea leaves are plucked and processed. Be a witnessto the journey of the tea plants ending in a delicious hot cup.






5)     Williamson Tea Estate:

Williamson Tea is a fifth generation tea farming family. Learn the ropesof the art of tea culture and farming from someone with over 140 years of experience.



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